Creating Custom Galleries

Interested in creating your own galleries? Upon approval, we can provide you with a login to our site(s) and you can select images to help your promotional effort. Please send your requests with the domain names you will be hosting the content on as well as your CCBill affiliate ID for consideration.

We do have a few rules for those wishing to create custom galleries;

  • Maximum 16 pictures.
  • Maximum 3 topless pictures in the gallery for “Only” sites and Layered-Nylons. For Art-Lingerie 50% of images can be topless/nude.
  • Content must be at least 30 days old.
  • Original watermarks must remain on the published images.
  • All custom galleries must have affiliate link/banner in the post and must be the focal point. Custom galleries using ad banner farms are not allowed.
  • Model names to be used in gallery descriptions must be the model name we use on our site and not their real name or names they have used on other sites.

The model you are using to promote must be available on our public tours. The easiest way to
determine if you can use the model for promotion is to visit the model page on the site to see if they are available. If you unsure about a particular model, please reach out to us and inquire.

If you enter a model’s name and it redirects you to the /models/ page of the site, please do not use her in your custom galleries.

Once you have a few galleries created, please send to [email protected] for review and approval.